From his debut “City Blues” (2008), the singer/songwriter and producer Minstrel (Dherl Deekman) takes listeners on a journey through modern city life.

His entire  life he is surrounded by different styles of music. Born in Suriname, Paramaribo, he grew up listing to different  styles of music. 

Minstrel mix his music with  styles and sounds, from country, blues, soul and funk to hip-hop, rock and reggae, with Minstrel just as equally at ease in separate genres as he is in combining them. With his music Minstrel crafts  little urban tales of love and the difficulties that  accompany it, earnestly addressing life's major themes in the style Minstrel calls 'City Blues'.  

Minstrel mix & produces his own music giving his new album: 'Tree of Love'  a signature sound. With the co-producer en fellow musicians, Axe Noordanus & Zuku Braightwaite.  Those guys forfilled an major instrumental role in the process of the album Tree of Love, the album has turned out to be a puzzle were all the pieces finally came together in a remarkable way. Year of experience of writing song, producing en mixing came together on the album 'Tree of Love'. The song “Third Wheel” is the first single, free to watch on youtube.

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